Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eli's Big Boy Bed

So our ginormous four-year-old has been in a toddler bed for a few years now... and he's growing so fast, it was time to upgrade him. 

Of course Jeremy can't just go out and BUY a bed...

Iris loved getting in the way helping Daddy assemble it. 

We tried putting her "in jail", but she quickly escaped. 

She held his tools for him! (So helpful)

Eli took advantage of Iris' interest to get in some quality time with her baby doll (she doesn't like to share with him...)

Here is the finished bed

Big enough to lay in bed with Eli and read stories!

He loves it. 

He couldn't wait to go to sleep in it, so he practiced. 

(Yes, he DID pick out the sheets himself... how'd you guess?)

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