Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cleaning the Fridge

Sometimes I really like when Jeremy works nights. It is never more than four days in a row, and when he's working I can get a lot of "weird" cleaning done.

If he was home and I felt the need to clean the fridge at 8:00 at night, he'd roll his eyes so hard he'd probably hurt himself...

So I cleaned out the fridge. 

Eli helped by taking all the food out.

Iris helped by choosing snacks she had to eat immediately. 

She had strawberries, cottage cheese and pickles. 

If I hadn't been busy cleaning, I'd totally have joined her. That is totally a prego lady snack!

After I had the fridge empty, Iris helped by dancing inside.

(Yes, we had the "never close the door on someone in the refrigerator" talk)

Eli decided he had to get in on that action

Someone come look inside my fridge! It's sooo clean!


  1. You put my fridge to shame sista!

  2. We cleaned our fridge a week or so ago and it wasn't nearly that fun... perhaps if we'd had a little cutie to dance in it? We could have put the cat in there, but that wouldn't have been helpful, since the biggest mess in the fridge was all the cat fur that goes EVERYWHERE!

    And may I say a big MAHALO for posting so that I don't see that horrific title-line that's been on your blog for the better part of a week???