Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gone Fishin'... Again!

We haven't gone fishing since Greta was born. I think we've gone fishing once this summer! 

This week, when I made our menu, between pizza and BBQ chicken, I listed "Successful Fishing Trip". Jeremy was happy to see that menu item!

So we headed out to Jensen's Grove... did you know they stock it with trout?!

Iris carried the worms... and her purse!

Eli and Jeremy fished

Jeremy caught the first fish... which inspired Eli to catch the second

and the third!

Eli was very excited to out-fish his dad. 

Iris kept track of the worms

Greta enjoyed her first fishing trip, from the car seat

when the girls got too cold, we waited in the car for dad and brother

yummy fish for dinner!

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