Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bad Haiku

I think I want, though
never thought I would like one
A dishwasher. Please?


  1. Why would you not want a dishwasher? Was something wrong with you? I'm glad to see you're cured of it now. Check craigslist - I know my brother got a basically brand new one there for $50.

  2. I hope that the dishwasher fairy visits your quaint home! Anyone who writes a haiku for a dishwasher surely deserves one!

  3. Sarah... I didn't need one before! Dishes for 3 people was just not a big deal. Now that there are 4 of us, there aren't more dishes, just less time! The plumbing would be simple and the cost not prohibitive, -BUT- I'd have to rip out some cabinets and drawers, and I LOVE all the storage in my kitchen... That is what is holding me back, really. :o)