Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Sweet Little Sheep ~ and other Christmas happenings

Last night was our ward Christmas party. 
Eli was a sheep in the Nativity play. 

(eating his dinner)

 (uh... is this mutton!?)

(waiting oh so patiently for the play to start)


(with the other sheep)

When Eli is sixteen wanting to borrow my car, I will of course have to say "no", because I will always remember him as a sweet little sheep. 

Iris ate a carrot!

and got a goodie bag from the three pimps wise men

(she wouldn't take it from them! my kids fear people in costume... except for Batman, oddly)

Eli got a goodie bag from his buddy, the Bishop


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  1. They're soooo CUTE!!! I'm so happy you're finally posting again. I've missed my daily Eli/Iris fix!