Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dinosaur Zoo-seum

We took my dad to the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point for his birthday. (Because that is what every 50 year-old really wants)

Eli called it the dinosaur zoo-seum.

He carried the map and navigated us around the place.

He was very concerned about seeing "real" dinosaurs, until we explained that they were all dead and skeletonized. 
(Or as E says, "boned-up") 

This little guy was not boned-up, but he is a nice dinosaur.

We saw a stegosaurus

A triceratops

Some T-Rex

and lots and lots of other dinosaurs!

We assembled a giant stegosaurus puzzle

Here is Eli with a giant prehistoric sloth skeleton. Sloths are scary. I'm sorry, they just are. 

Eli was very scared of this shark. He wouldn't get close enough for me to get a picture.

His very favorite dinosaur was this guy:

The brachiosaurus.

His face when he first saw it...

 He loves dinosaurs!

Iris... not so much.

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