Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Ransom Demand

My Mom is in Missouri, visiting my sister and 
meeting my new nephew, Mason.

Eli got this postcard in the mail on Thursday. 

(Drawn by my oh-so talented Brother-in-law, Mike)

(Tutu is Grandma)

Eli was very concerned. 

"Mom, are the pirates going to kill your Mom?"

"Why did they kidnap Tutu?"

"Will they drown her?" 

"Why is she in a barrel?"

"Is that a bad dog?"

I told Mike and Cheri that sending a ransom demand thru USPS is a federal offense... so is kidnapping, come to think of it!

I assured Eli that this is a joke... but I'm not sure he's convinced. 

Boy loves his Tutu!

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