Friday, September 24, 2010

Gymnastics... and Other Stuff

Yesterday was Eli's first day of gymnastics. 

He loved it. 

But first...  
The teaching assistant came out into the Mom waiting area, and asked me, "Are you Amber?" 
(I was) 

"What is your little boy's name? The one in the green shirt?" 

"Oh. I asked him his name, and it sounded like 'Blue Suede'!"
 (He meant Bruce Wayne. But he also answers to "Batman") 

I was a little embarrassed, especially since all the other Moms got such a hoot out of it...

That's my (crazy) boy! 


  1. Of course he was Bruce Wayne, because he can't wear the cape to gymnastics. If he had the cape on, no one would have needed to ask his name...