Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gifts From Poland

My sister Kim recently returned from Poland where she spent 4 weeks digging up medieval vampires. Is there anything cooler?

She brought some gifts for my kiddies...

For Eli:

Does she KNOW this boy, or what?!

For Iris:

Jeremy was confused by this gift, because he doesn't think it looks European, but it totally reminds me of these goats.

puppet goat herd

Which kinda freaked me out as a kid...

The day after we got these gifts, Iris was sitting in her high chair playing with a toy, and when she looked the other way, Eli took the toy and replaced it with the goat. She looked back expecting to see her toy, and screamed bloody murder when she saw Goatee here. 

He is a little creepy looking...

1 comment:

  1. He also kind of looks like that sheep that gets sheared in the Pixar short "Bounding"...

    He's cute though, even if a tad creepy. And that's totally cool that she remembered what toy was on her tray!!!