Saturday, March 19, 2011

Strange New World

Having been born in February, Iris' outdoor time has been somewhat limited...

We had a very very nice day yesterday, so I thought it would be nice to let her play in the front yard while Eli rode his bike in the driveway. 

That lasted about five minutes before Iris decided to explore. 

She found brother's fort

She spent some quality time in the garden

Played on her swing

A strange noise led her to the chicken coop. I told her they were birds, but I don't think she believed me. 

Rosie came along for some of the trip

I'm a little worried about this summer... Eli spends most summer days outside, and I don't believe we'll be able to keep Ms. Iris in, either...


  1. You will be chasing her through the field and staying in shape for the delivery from the stork.

  2. Good thing you don't have a barn, or she'd be up on the roof like Aunty Rhienne before you know it.