Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where'd You Get The Coconuts?

When Scott and Denise came for dinner on Sunday, Jeremy decided to open up a coconuts for the kids' entertainment. 

He tried a corkscrew

and a paring knife

before resorting to man tools...

The kids all drank the juice out of the coconut with straws

and covered their ears while Jeremy smacked the thing with a cleaver

Shockingly, none of the kids liked coconut!

Can't say I blame them... I can't stand coconut!


  1. Yeah, coconut is nasty...but not as bad as pumpkin (shudder)

  2. Love coconut! Crazy people taking coconut (and pumpkin) for granted! :)

  3. Yeah Jan, you probably eat licorice, cilantro and lima beans too...