Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Broccoli Battle

Here are all the excuses I've heard from Eli this evening as to why he cannot eat broccoli:
  1. It's yucky
  2. It's ugly
  3. It's spicy
  4. Broccoli "hurts my feelings"
  5. It's green. "I don't eat green things"
So now we are at an impasse. I have told Mr. Eli he cannot do anything tonight until he finishes one piece of broccoli.

He has had the same piece of broccoli in his mouth for the last hour, and I am having to keep him with me while I do dishes, fold laundry, clean the bathroom, and now blog. (Otherwise he'll spit it out, don't you see...)

This should be an interesting evening... I guess I forgot that Eli is as stubborn as I am.

(Can you see the broccoli bulge in his cheek?)


  1. If it is not one thing, it is another. My kids will eat broccoli but we definitely have our differences! I love the broccoli bulge. I had know idea that broccoli could hurt your feelings!

  2. Did you give him cheese sauce or ranch or a ton of salt? Help him, he looks so miserable.

  3. It's cooked broccoli, so I tried butter and salt, and even his favorite, ketchup. (blech)He's just not having it!

  4. I never had broccoli until I was in high school because my mother hated it. For me it was canned peas. There was NO WAY I was gonna eat those and I didn't care how many cookies I didn't get or how many children were starving in China, I wasn't gonna eat those disgusting things.

    I never understood why my parents were always on about the children in China, either, but I was more than willing to send them my peas.

  5. And at least you got him to put it in his mouth... although it doesn't make a whole lot of sense why he's *leaving* it there, does it?