Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

After my Mother's Day All Bran in bed, it was time for church!

Today my baby boy sang in Sacrament Meeting with the rest of his Sunbeam class.

I used to roll my eyes at my Mom for crying when we sang on Mother's Day...

I cried. A bunch. Of course, since this is Eli, I was crying with mirth.

He was so proud to go up front with the rest of the Primary, and since he is a little Sunbeam, he was right in the front. Right in front of the stairs. He did not sing a note of the four songs sung, instead he gripped the hand rails and swung his legs back and forth like a gymnast. He swung the entire time, and when they were done singing and wanted to go back to their parents, they were blocked by the littlest Sunbeam. The Primary president picked him up and moved him out of the way.

And that is my big boy.

Happy Mother's Day!

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