Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Big, Long Change


(Fourth of July)



5 great things about having short hair (after having such loooong hair)

1) I didn't even realize I was getting headaches from carrying all that extra weight on my head! (NOw I feel so freeee!)

2) My hair doesn't get caught in ANYTHING! Not the strap of my purse, the car door, zippers, nothing!

3) I can shower in 4 minutes instead of twenty!

4) I can wear hats! No more trying to cram all that hair under my sun hat!

5) The shower drain and the vacuum cleaner are both so relieved... :o)

That is fourteen inches donated to Locks of Love. (Brings my grand total up to 32 inches. That is almost 3 feet of hair!) 


  1. So cute! Not to mention with your thick hair, you probably lost 5 pounds!!

  2. Has Iris gotten used to the new you yet?

  3. I love that you donated your hair! You look great!

  4. You forgot to mention HOW CUTE YOU LOOK! :) I love it!

  5. Lovin' the short hair! You look adorable!