Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Blanket for Anna (And some other stuff...)

I have been making baby blanket left, right and center lately... so many babies!

This one is for my niece, Anna, who Iris loves very much (hence the super happy expression)

Her Momma really likes green, and I had a hard time finding green material that wasn't for boys or really stoopid looking.

I had some leftover material, and I really like the way these two co-ordinated... 

I made a Anna a little bib

(Iris models)

I really dug the bib, and I had some material left over from Iris' blanket, soooo 

I made one for Iris, too! 

I'm going to have to dig around in my scraps and see if there is enough of Mason's owl material to make him one!


  1. You have SUCH a cute model!! :)

  2. So nice. I can't wait to get my sewing machine... probably Tue or Wed... Dang UPS. It's in Honolulu, but they're not gonna deliver it till then. grrrr (that was for Iris the growler.)