Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Nah nah nah nah nah nah...

Last week when we were camping near Preston, Idaho (the town made famous by Napoleon Dynamite) we moseyed into town in search of something or other... I've forgotten now what it was, but we ended up going to Deseret Industries there. (It's the SAME DI where Napoleon bought his suit!)

I found a yard of fabric for fifty cents.


I have already demonstrated my son's fondness for superheros.

So what to make? He already has a Batman cape, and he doesn't need another pillowcase...

I decided to make pajama bottoms. The cousin we get hand-me-downs from apparently stopped wearing pajamas around age three, and I love pajamas, so I've been looking for pjs in Eli's size now that the weather is warming up.


Now here's the problem. I fully intended these to be pajamas.
I even made a co-ordinating pajama top.

Eli, however thinks that these are pants to be worn around and shown off.

For my next project, I will be making myself a shirt that says "My Child Dressed Himself Today"

Do you think I should use freezer paper stencil, or appliqué?

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