Tuesday, June 29, 2010

De-Skunkify Your Kitty in 10 Steps!

You will need:

1 skunk sprayed cat (a dog would also work.)

a bathtub

2 large bottles of tomato juice

1) Put your skunk sprayed kitty in the bathroom. CLOSE THE DOOR! (You do not want tomato juice covered kitty streaking through your house and jumping on the couch!)

2) Put her in the tubby. Hold her down!

3) Start pouring tomato juice all over your kitty. Rub it in. Pour and rub it all over. Get her face, her ears, her tail, her tummy, everywhere!

Don't let her out of the tub! She'll try to get out, so hold her tight!

4) Appreciate how truly angry your kitty is right now.

5) After you have coated your kitty completely with tomato juice, shampoo and rinse her. (Rosie's shampoo of choice is Herbal Essences Long-Term Relationship, for long hair.) She will hate this the most, because after all, tomato juice is rude, but this is WATER!!!

6) Lather, rinse repeat. Keep rinsing until the water runs clear.

7) Towel dry your kitty. (Kitties hate hair dryers, and haven't you been abusive enough for one day?)

8) Leave your kitty in privacy to try to regain her dignity. 

9) Very Important! Close the door to your bedroom so that wet kitty doesn't go take a still slightly skunk scented nap on your pillow.

10) Take a good whiff of your kitty tomorrow. If she's still stinky, repeat. 


  1. If I hadn't actually read the words...all that red in the tubby looks like a tutorial on how to kill a kitty. Her green glowing eyes are seeking revenge, watch your back.

    Poor Rosie. Tell her 'skunks are not your friend'

  2. Yes, my first thought was it was a blood bath, not a tomato juice bath!

    Poor pusscat!!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA... Oh my heck. HOW FUNNY. I'm loving that you took pictures of this. :)

  4. Eli took the pictures... Isn't he talented?