Monday, June 14, 2010


It is getting warmer (FINALLY!), and as cute as Mr. Eli looks in footie pajamas,
they are simply too hot for him to wear.

Remember his Batman pajamas?

The undershirts I got him came in a pack of 5, so I let him pick out 4 more fabrics... and I made him 4 more pairs of pjs!

I bought fabric and undershirts, 1/2 yard of material is more than enough for shorts and an embellishment on the shirt. Total cost for 5 pairs of pajamas was just over $11.

And Eli had sooo much fun being involved in the creative process...

He is such an artist!


  1. wow amber those pjs are awesome good job

  2. I am starting to think that you are the most ambitious momma ever! Are you trying to make all of the rest of us look bad? Just kidding...the PJ's are super cute!

  3. Ali - have Brett buy you a sewing machine. It is so incredibly easy to sew. I do not kid! ;)