Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Jingle-y Surprise!

There was a jingling package in the mail the other day...

Goodies from Grand-Auntie Liz!

Iris says "Thanks" for the envelope

She's a little too little to appreciate this.

Eli remembered the ball he left at Arthur's house, and was so excited to have it back, he was jingling and jingling with joy. 

(Note the joyful expression...)

(And yes, that IS the ball that Auntie April got in China, brought to Missouri, gave to Eli, ELi left it UNDER a bed or something, and since last August, it has resided in MO. Finally home in Idaho! That is a well traveled ball!)

Jeremy says that this ball is a sign that Liz and Bruce hate us

I say us leaving it at their house for 9 months is a sign that we hate them. Besides, Eli has at least 5 toys that are more annoying than this one. 

Thank you Grand-Auntie!


  1. LOL! Eli is the master of cool!

  2. Does this mean that I hate everyone for buying it?