Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Blanket for Mason

I made a sweet little blanket for my sweet little nephew, Mason, who is due next month.

(Iris reluctantly models it...)

When I saw this fabric in the store, I screamed out loud. So cute!

You have to know my sister, Cheri. She is such a bookworm, an owl just fits her personality perfectly. And who doesn't LOVE argyle?

So Jeremy and I have 3 nephews, and 3 nieces, but they are all on his side of the family. This is my very first on my side! So exciting!

Can't wait to see you, little neffy-poo!


  1. Me tooo!!!!!

    Love the blanket! Iris can't wait to see Mason again too.

  2. ...neffy-poo? 0_o uhh.....

    The blanket looks real nice though! (Though Iris doesn't look to reluctant in the picture...Mason might have to fight her for it. ^_^ )

  3. So CUTE! I hopped over from Crystal's Craft Spot linky party:) Congrats on the new nephew!